Professional Growth Plan (PGP)

The 2019 Professional Growth Plan (PGP) reflects my educational and leadership philosophies in addition to my professional development since starting the doctoral program in the summer of 2017. As an educational technology leader, my main goal is to facilitate access, implementation and effective use of technology to support the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of students. My educational philosophy involves the belief that students have their  motivations and goals, there is a correlation between motivation and learning, and my role is as a guide to promote the “love of learning.” It is my responsibility as an educator to stress the importance of creativity to be independent, critical thinkers and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit with each student.

            Working with students is the highlight of my career as an academic librarian. I have worked with students during their entire academic career from their very first college-level research assignment to their senior capstone projects.  I enjoy every question and providing individual instruction in the library. Students visit the library for help with a variety of technical questions to research questions, and everything else in between. Another part of my role is in-class library instruction. The instruction sessions are one-time visits to the class to introduce library resources and assignment focused instruction. The students I work with have different levels of experience using technology, access to technology as well as differences in their overall academic skill level. I have also learned so much from the students over the years.

            I have developed my leadership skills over the years and from the readings (Northouse, 2013), my style aligns with authentic leadership. I scored very high on the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Northouse, p.236). My leadership style reflects the authentic leadership model.  I am self-aware and readily admit my mistakes, and my actions “reflect my core values.” After 10 years as an academic library director, I have trained many staff members, and I enjoy seeing them develop within the organization. The library is also the first place of employment for some federal work-study students, and I make it a priority to develop their professional soft skills and their technical skills.

            Prior to becoming a librarian and during my professional career in business, I noticed I enjoyed training my colleagues more than any other responsibilities. I also learned to embrace change, and I had a skill of simplifying complex concepts. Whenever the company launched a new program or new software, I learned it rather quickly, and I enjoyed training others. I am also good at balancing details and looking at the big picture. Though sometimes the day to day responsibilities hinder from looking at the big picture, and it helps in technology and education to have an open mind.

              As stated in my 2017 PGP, I still would also like to begin blogging or sharing scholarship with others and learning from others with different opinions and new ideas. In the long term, I also have an entrepreneurial spirit, and I have always enjoyed learning about new businesses and products and would consider consulting and business opportunities.

            The PGP is a working document and below are my accomplishments and future goals

during the doctoral program.  


Fall 2017 - Summer 2018



Fall 2018 – Summer 2019


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